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Regular maintenance notification

1. The filter of condenser should be washed by neutral water monthly.
2. Treatment for irregular display on controller
   “P1”:Room probe failure; Compressor output according to “Cy”e “Cn”
   “P2”: Evaporator probe failure; Defrost end is timed
   “HA”: Maximum temperature alarm; Outputs unchanged
   “LA”: Minimum temperature alarm; Outputs unchanged
   “EA”: External alarm; Outputs unchanged
   “CA”: Serious external alarm; all outputs OFF
   “dA”:Door Open; Compressor and fans restarts
3. Warrantee and repairing
    Two years /24 months warranty. Free of charge for spare parts. Any problem for the system operation is for qualified engineer or certificated in some country.
4. Others
    More problems you should contact with us. Please dial our number:0086-13535888388 24hX7d service.